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Plant Molecular Breeding Training Workshop, November 11-25, 2012

The second Plant Molecular Breeding Training Workshop was held in the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, China between November 11-25, 2012. This was jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and the Green Super Rice Project. Twenty two participants from fourteen GSR target countries participated in this workshop.

The workshop comprised of a series of topics related to plant molecular breeding: Basic molecular breeding, molecular marker technology, phenotype selection, application of statistical software , breeding by design, breeding modeling, data management, data analysis, and prospect for molecular breeding.

The workshop took the forms of lectures and practicals. Scientists from CAAS, Dr Zhkang Li, Dr Jiankang Wang, Dr Jianlong Xu, Dr Yongming Gao, Dr Binying Fu etc and Dr Jauhar Ali and Dr Guoyou Ye or IRRI conducted the two week workshop. Participants were given a copy of the workshop software that they can use in their research.

An assessment form was given to the participants to express their valuable opinions. Their feedbacks are greatly appreciated to refine the future trainings. Complimentary tours to the Great Wall and the Forbidden City were also given for the participants. 

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